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NJ 4 Haiti Rallies local efforts to collect food, supplies for earthquake victims

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

When it comes to Americans aiding earthquake victims in Haiti, the directive from the White House has been clear: Send money, not supplies. Still, local groups are working hard to fill warehouses with medical supplies, water, blankets and the like, for the day these items can reach Haiti. So far, they have secured 15,000 square feet of donated warehouse space for this effort. NJ 4 Haiti, a network of relief agencies in the state, is gathering supplies such as pharmaceutical products, tents and blankets at schools and firehouses across Essex and Union counties. State Senator Ray Lesniak (D‑Union), who helped organize the group, said those contributions will reinforce aid workers as the relief effort continues. “Traditionally, in these kinds of situations, what’s happened is that governments have walked away. They’ve felt like they’ve done their job,” Lesniak said. “But there is a lot left to do.” While funds are desperately needed to help rebuild Haiti, locals say the island nation will need goods for years to come. Stockpiling supplies ensures Haiti will receive a steady stream of help down the road, they said. “We need money, we need money, we need money,” said Stan Neron, one of the organizers of NJ 4 Haiti....

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